Bio of Ziad Zakharia

As well as being one of the owners of Ninja Nation Australia. Zac has been working at a special sports school for boys with behavioural problems (as seen on 60 Minutes and Australian Ninja Warrior) for 20 years. He previously lectured for three years at the Australian Catholic University on the physiological adaptations to weight training and martial arts to sports science students.

Zac is a 6-time world karate champion under the International Sports Karate Association, in the areas of weaponry, free forms, and full-contact fighting. He is a registered schoolteacher, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, and Sports Scientist. He specialises in rehabilitation for Muscular-Skeletal Injuries, Weight Loss, Obesity, Diabetes and CVD. He also has a Masters degree by research in Special Educational Psychology, pertaining to dealing with delinquency in young males. He also competed on the inaugural season of Australian Ninja Warrior in 2017. Zac has a passion for fitness and educating young and old on the benefits of exercise and physical activity. He has been involved in the martial arts and fitness industry for over 40 years.

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