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Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA), is the official Global League of World OCR for Ninja Competitions.

UNAA promotes and organizes an international series at Ninja Obstacle course Gyms and competitions across the world. The UNAA World Series includes Area Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and the Ultimate Ninja World Championship Finals each year.

The UNAA World Series is composed of judged competitions based on performance and time. The series allows athletes of all abilities to compete, and the top athletes in the sport are provided a chance to make a livelihood doing what they love, on a grand stage.


League for ninjas designed by ninjas

Australia Ninja Games (ANG) is an Australian league for all our ninjas. Australia Ninja Games qualifiers are based all around Australia. Our regional and state qualifiers run under the UNAA rules. We cater for all ages, 6 years to Masters (40 years +)

Emma Teede


Bio for Emma Teede:

Nickname: Australian Wonder Women


  • Australian Ninja Warrior (S1 & S2)
  • Personal Trainer for 20 years
  • Coach
  • Ninja Worlds Athlete
  • Mother of 2

Business owner and manager for 20 years Emma has a lot of experience both as a PT and as an event co-ordinator.

Emma is the President of Australian Ninja Games -ANG which is Australia’s elite Ninja League, which it’s branched out from UNAA.

Her consistent passion and dedication for the growth of Ninja as a sport in Australia, has resulted in her becoming a trusted, well known and respected athlete within the Ninja community.

Her favourite quote: “You are stronger than you believe, you have greater powers than you know”

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Lisa Parkes


Rob Paterson


Justine Mamooti


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