Welcome to the home of Obstacle Sports in Australia.

Mission Statement

To promote the sport of obstacle racing and its related disciplines throughout Australia by raising the standards of competition, sportsmanship and safety.

What is Ninja?

Ninja races are events where individuals and teams compete on Ninja Warrior style obstacles. Competitions are held on courses between 25 m and 200 m long with 4 or more Ninja Warrior obstacles, as head-to-head races or timed competitions.

What is OCR?

Obstacle Course Races are large scale, mass participation events held in parks, wilderness, rural, urban and suburban locations. Races can have up to 30,000 participants
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and vary in length from 3 km (short course), 5 km (international), 12-15 km (standard), 21 km (long course) to 50 km (ultra). Obstacles can be manmade like walls of different heights, rope climbs, crawls under barbed wire, dragging items, carrying items and traversing. Natural obstacles can include hills, bodies of water, sand, snow or technical trails.

What is OCR track?

Track OCR are sprint to middle distance competitions from 25 meters and up. Individual and mixed relay events can be time trials (one person at a time), or have 2 to 24 people
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or more on the start line. The 100 m (10 OCR obstacles) and 400 m (12 OCR obstacles) events have established world records and have been held in Games recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

What is Para OCR?

Para OCR are structured events which include Ninja, OCR and track racing, with specially designed obstacles to meet the 5 classification classes set by World OCR.

Upcoming Events

2021 is going to be a massive year in both ninja and OCR throughout Australia. There will be: local, state, national and international competitions.

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